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What if...

7 months ago

What if...

Please take a moment and watch our new video. We are asking the public to think outside the box for ideas which are in the best interest and most beneficial for our kids and the future of the Chambers County School District. In a few weeks an online survey will be posted for the public to begin having input. We are also completing a demographic study to help us with future enrollment projections, and we are completing a facilities assessment at all of our campuses. After the survey results are in, we will hold town hall meetings to present the results and begin the conversation of how to proceed.

Please share this video. It is hosted here on our Webpage. It will be also be posted to our Facebook page.  Please share this video.


Employees of the Week

6 hours ago


MAY 20 - 24, 2019



Jill Romine, seventh and eighth-grade teacher at John P. Powell Middle School, has been selected as our Certified “Employee of the Week.” She is the mother of one child: Rex.

            Jill holds an Educational Specialist degree, and takes her teaching philosophy from the Auburn Creed, penned by George Petrie 80 years ago, which states in part, “I believe in education, which gives me knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.”

            In her spare time, Jill enjoys reading, Bible study, knitting, and being outdoors. She also attends Alexander City United Methodist Church.


MAY 20 - 24, 2019



J. T. Dickey, CNP worker at Valley High School, has been selected as our Support Staff “Employee of the Week.”

            A native of Chambers County, J. T. graduated Valley High School and earned his associate’s degree in Office Management/Administration from Southern Union State Community College.

            “Working with my co-workers and making sure the kids are taken care of is what I like most about my job,” said Dickey.

            In his spare time J. T. enjoys football, basketball, and writing stories. He is also a member of Hall Memorial CME Church, where he serves as Sunday School Secretary and Youth Day President.

By David Bell

Mission Statement
The Chambers County School System, in partnership with parents and the community, is dedicated to producing skilled, responsible graduates by providing and supporting high quality, highly effective public schools.
Majority to Minority Transfers
What is M to M transfer? M to M stands for majority to minority. An M to M transfer is where a student who is currently enrolled in a school where his/her race is in the majority chooses to transfer to a school within the district where his/her race would be in the minority. For example an African American student who is currently attending Eastside, JP Powell, or LaFayette High School may transfer to another school in the district where their race would be in the minority. Transportation will be provided. Forms are currently available for M to M transfers for the 2019-20 school year. All requests must be received by May 1.
For more information or to request a form contact
Nancy Maples for elementary aged students – 334-864-9343 extension 10214
Sharon Weldon for middle and high school aged students – 334-864-9343 extension 10232
Office Hours
The Central Office will start new office hours effective May 28, 2019 - the hours will be 7:30 central - 4:00 central each day.
To apply for a position with the Chambers County Board of Education - click the link below