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VALLEY – A total of 23 certified teachers will fill new or vacant positions this year in the Chambers County School District, replacing educators who retired, resigned, or transferred. They each attended an orientation meeting on Monday, August 3, at the Cotton Duck in Valley.


            “We always look forward to welcoming new teachers,” said school superintendent Dr. Kelli Hodge. “In addition to the normal challenges they face each year, all of our administrators, principals, and classroom educators have the additional issue of dealing with the coronavirus. Though this is an unprecedented situation, we have carefully developed a plan of action for opening schools in a safe manner based on the guidelines and advice from state and federal health professionals.”


            Specific topics discussed during Monday’s new teacher orientation included professional and ethical standards for teachers, instructional resources available through the district’s resource center, Child Nutrition Program logistics and requirements, access to information technology, Special Education services, and school safety.


            The annual Teacher Institute, which provides day-long in-service training for all certified school district employees, is always held the day following new teacher orientation at Langdale Auditorium. However, due to COVID-19, the training this year was conducted virtually.


            “This staff instruction is required by law each year, but because of the current social distancing requirements, we could not meet collectively in one confined space,” said Dr. Hodge, “Therefore, faculty members will receive their training virtually and simultaneously at their individual campus locations.”


            All teachers will be in their classrooms Wednesday, August 5, to begin preparations for the arrival of students on Wednesday, August 12.


By David Bell

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