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Curriculum & Instruction Information you can use!

about 1 year ago

The Office of Curriculum & Instruction

In Chambers County, the office of Curriculum and Instruction serves the needs of teachers and administrators within the Chambers County School System by supporting the efforts of the schools as they plan and work to meet the needs of and offer the best educational experience for all our students.  This office works to provide timely, effective, on-going, and sometimes individualized support to the administrators and teachers in all of our schools. 


Courses of Study

The teaching content for each class is determined by the Course of Study for that subject. The most up-to-date Courses of Study are located on the ALEX website by clicking on the "Resources" tab from this link:

ACCESS Distance Learning

ACCESS Distance Learning (Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students
Statewide) is an education initiative of the Alabama Department of Education. It provides
opportunities and options for Alabama public high school and eighth grade students to engage in Advanced Placement (AP), elective, and other courses to which they may not otherwise have access or be able to schedule. Additional information may be found at

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